Projects Funded by HEC


S. No: Project Title Industry / Organization
01 Object Detection with Occlusion Handling using CNN HEC (SRGP) 2019
02 Digital Surveying and Modeling of Buildings and Surroundings using Hand Held Laser Scanners HEC (TDF) 2018
03 3D scanning of industrial objects for quality assurance and rapid prototyping HEC (NRPU) 2018
04 3D Indoor Modelling and Classification of Structured Environments HEC (NRPU) 2017
05 Optimization of harnessing electrical through renewable source by means of multilevel converter HEC (NRPU) 2016


FYP (Final Year Projects) 2020


S. No: Project Title Advisor
01 Automated Self-Cleaning Solar Panel Ms. Aqsa Khan
02 IOT based paint drying oven using PLC Ms. Sidra Rahman
03 preDoct A disease diagnostic error reduction and data transformation machine Mr. Shahzad Siddiqi
04 Real Time Air Quality Monitoring and Forecasting by Eye in the Sky Dr. Fahim ul Haq
05 Cloud Based Monitoring and Control of Overhead Power Distribution Lines Ms. Arham Iqbal
06 Smart Skin Burn Device Ms. Ayesha Akhtar
07 Autonomous Standing Wheelchair with a Smart Driving Mode. Ms. Arham Iqbal
08 Intelligent Lane Detection using Artificial Intelligence Dr. Yawar Rehman
09 Text Reading Assistant for visually impaired people Ms. Aqsa Khan
10 Robotic prosthetic arm Dr. Sana Arshad
11 Hazardous Environment Monitoring using Raspberry Pi Based Network Dr. Tahir Malik
12 Smart Helmet Dr. Sunila Akbar
13 IOT based Smart synchronized clock Dr. Sunila Akbar
14 Smart Metering using POWER LINE COMMUNICATION Dr. Irfan Ahmed
15 TAN: Technology Assisted Navigation for visually-impaired Dr. Fahim ul Haq


FYP (Final Year Projects)


S. No: Project Title Advisor
01 Oil tank and pumps automaton Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
02 Dispensing Robot for Chemical/Microbiological Lab Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
03 Navigation system for blind people Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
04 Automatic self adhesive lableing machine with bar code identification Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
05 Smart portal attendance system for NEDUET Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
06 Design and development of an E-BIKE Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Shah
07 Dual-Axis Tracking Solar System Based on GPS and Vision Sensor Image Processing Dr. Ghous Bakhsh Narejo
08 Design of the Efficient Net Metering Design Kit for Commercial Sector Dr. Ghous Bakhsh Narejo
09 Surveillance of gas pipeline using wn technology and labview Dr. Ghous Bakhsh Narejo
10 Maximum power point tracking based smart solar power inverter and power monitoring through GSM modem Mr. Hani Hassan
11 Wireless controlled car paint baking system Mr. Hani Hassan
12 IoT based smart control home and power monitoring system Dr. Sana Arshad
13 Design and implementation of wireless vital signs paitent monitoring Ms. Sabika Ashraf
14 Smartbot, and interactive conversational agent Ms. Sabika Ashraf
15 Analysis, Modeling and Implementation of data driven smart city Ms. Sabika Ashraf
16 Smart jacket design for safety of miners in coal mines Ms. Sidra Rehman
17 IC Designing Dr. Hashim Raza Khan
18 Development of stablized platform for industrial application Dr. Riaz un Nabi Jafri
19 Extraction of visual information through dynamic sensors Dr. Riaz un Nabi Jafri
20 multipurpose humaniod robot for pick and place industrial tasks and assistive applications Dr. Riaz un Nabi Jafri
21 Assistive mobile robot for industrial and academic applications Dr. Riaz un Nabi Jafri
22 Development of driver assistance system for preventing accidents Dr. Riaz un Nabi Jafri
23 Design of a fluxgate magnetometer to measure total magnetic field Ms. Arham Iqbal
24 Autonomous Control of Robotic Manipulator Using Vision Sensor Ms. Arham Iqbal
25 The Cellphone Pit Stop Ms. Arham Iqbal
26 Robo receptionist with direction focus Ms. Arham Iqbal
27 Gesture recognition based sign language interpreter Ms. Ayesha Akhtar
28 Low Cost Computer Numerical Control-Printed Circuit Boards soldering Machine Ms. Ayesha Akhtar
29 Smart Information Board Dr. Hashim Raza Khan
30 Implementation of 4G LTE Baseband module based on FPGA Dr. Fahim ul Haque
31 Smart guided robotic vehicle using wireless communication Mr. Shahzad Siddiqi
32 Raspberry-pi based smart wheel chair for disables Ms. Sidra Rehman
33 Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Alert System Using GPS, GSM & ACCELEROMETER Ms. Sidra Rehman