The Department of Electronic Engineering started its Master of Engineering Programme in Electronic Engineering in January 2004 with two specializations namely 

(i) Micro System Design and (ii) Industrial Electronics.


List of Courses Offered In Electronic Engineering (M. Engg.)

Non-Credit Courses Compulsory Courses
Course No Course Title Credit Hrs Course No Course Title Credit Hrs
EL-402 Introduction to Mechatronics  NC EL-501 Solid State Materials & Devices 3
EL-403 Introduction to Power Electronics NC EL-502 Analog Integrated Circuits 3
Note: Non-Credit (NC) courses may be offered to those students who have not studied these courses at undergraduate level. EL-503 Advanced Digital Electronics & Interfacing Techniques 3
EL-504 Electronic Design Automation 3
EL-507 Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Electronics Control Systems 3
Elective Courses
(a) Micro System Design (b) Industrial Electronics
Course No Course Title Credit Hrs Course No Course Title Credit Hrs
EL-511 Digital VLSI Design 3 EL-521 Measurement & Calibration of Electronic System 3
EL-512 Analog VLSI Design 3 EL-522 Intelligent Measurements and Instrumentation 3
EL-513 Micro Fabrication Processes 3 EL-523 Industrial Control Systems 3
EL-514 Light Wave Engineering 3 EL-524 Advanced Power Electronics 3
EL-515 High Speed Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 3 EL-525 Sensors and Systems 3
EL-516 Introduction to Micro-electro-mechanical Systems 3 EL-526 Robotics and its Application of Industrial Electronics 3
EL-517 Selected Topics in Micro System Design 3 EL-528 Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics 3
EL-600 Independent Study Project 6 EL-543 Solid State DC Drives 3
EL-601 Dissertation 9 EL-544 Solid State AC Drives 3
  EL-600 Independent Study Project 6
EL-601 Dissertation 9