Research Abstracts

Ph.D. Seminar Talk Series Organized by Dr. Ghous Bakhsh, Secretary, ETRG

Name: Dr. Tariq Rehman

Title: Monolithic Self-Supportive Bi-Directional Bending Pneumatic Bellows Catheter.

Name: Syed Minhaj-un-Nabi Jafri

Title: Adaptive Control Design for Nonlinear Dynamic System.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. S. M. Usman Ali

Dr. Ahmed S Khan.jpg

Name: Dr. Ahmed S. Khan


Ashraf Yahya.jpg

Name: Mr. Ashraf Yahya

Title: Parametric evaluation, Modeling and Optimization of Multilevel Inverter.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. S. M. Usman Ali

Ms. Amna.jpg

Name: Ms. Amna Shabbir

Title: Energy Efficient Wireless Heterogeneous Networks.

Supervisor: Dr. Hashim Raza Khan


Name: Ms. Saleha Bano

Title: Design Analysis & Characterization of Continuous time filter using current mode active element.

Supervisor: Dr. Ghous Bakhsh